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The sculpture of Saint George - a gift to the City Day

The sculpture of Saint George - a gift to the City Day

On Sunday, August 28, 2011 in Donetsk - residents and guests celebrated the City Day and the Miner's Day. Donetsk is a young city. Although the official history of Donetsk and considers the birth date of beginning construction of a metallurgical plant, the status of town Yuzivka received only in 1917.

Donetsk as the city is not even 100 years, although he has officially 142 years and the city has its own traditions, landmarks and monuments. This year in the Day of the city Georgian community gave Donetsk monument to St. George.

St. George - a great Christian saint, who is traditionally considered the patron saint of soldiers. George - one of the most venerated saints of the Slavs, Georgians, Armenians and Greeks. Georgians believe St. George the patron saint of Georgia. Georgian community has presented a forged sculpture of St. George Donetsk as a symbol of friendship between the Georgian and Ukrainian peoples. In Donetsk, according to unofficial statistics, today there are about 20,000 Georgians, according to official statistics, 7000 Georgians.

On the monument is an inscription "The monument of St. George established Georgian community in gratitude to all the Donbass, who became for Georgians living here their second home."

Wrought iron sculpture of Saint George have taken place among the wrought figures at the park at City Hall on Friday, August 26, 2011. Donetsk's blacksmiths made sculpture within two months. The height of the monument with a pedestal of about 3 meters.

On the pedestal of the monument of St. George shows the maps of Georgia and Ukraine and are sister-cities - Donetsk and Kutaisi.

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