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Stars of world ballet in Donetsk

In October Donetsk expect already traditional international festival «Stars of world ballet». This year it will be 17 festival «Stars of world ballet».

Festival «Stars of world ballet» will take place from October, 1 till October, 10 in Donetsk theatre of an opera and ballet of a name of Anatoly Solovjanenko. Director of the international festival and its organizer during years is the art director of the Theatre operas and ballet by A.B. Solovjanenko - Vadim Pisarev.

Звезды мирового балета в ДонецкеIn the festival «Stars of world ballet» stars of modern ballet will take part is from:

- Russia - Ilze Liepa, Nikolay Tsiskaridze, Jan Godovskij, Darja Hohlova, Vladislav Lantratov, Denis Medvedev, Artem Ovcharenko, Gennady Yanin, Maryanna Ryzhkina, Irina Golub, Eugeny Ivanchenko, Anastas Matvienko, Denis Matvienko,

- Germany - Lucia Lakarra, Marlon Dino,
- France: Murial Zusperregi, Charles Paket, Alessio Karbone, Aurelia Bell,

- Japan - Takuda Sajaka,

- Kazakhstan - Nurlan Konokbaev,

- Hungary - Alesya Popova, Christina Kevehazi,

- Cuba - Vengci Valdеs, Aljer Burzak,

- Czechia - Nikola Marova, Michael Stipa.

The international festival «Stars of world ballet» is always a small miracle, observe which at theatre not all will be able unfortunately. This year inhabitants and visitors of Donetsk will can see representation on a stage of theatre of an opera and ballet in day of opening and closing of the festival on two big screens which will be established near the theatre.


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