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Matches football club Shakhtar Donetsk in February-May 2011

футбольный клуб Шахтер 75 лет


The schedule of matches popular Ukrainian football club Shakhtar Donetsk in February-May in the jubilee for the FC Shakhtar 2011. Matches in the UEFA Champions League, Ukrainian Cup  and 20 th round of  Ukrainian Premier League.



date match   football clubs football clubs
UEFA Champions League AS Roma Shakhtar
Premier League Sevastopol Shakhtar
UEFA Champions League Shakhtar AS Roma
12.03.11 Premier League Karpaty Shakhtar
19.03.11 Premier League Shakhtar Volyn
02.04.11 Premier League Illychivets Shakhtar
09.04.11 Premier League Shakhtar Obolon
16.04.11 Premier League Tavriya Shakhtar
23.04.11 Premier League Shakhtar Metalist
30.04.11 Premier League Dynamo Shakhtar
07.05.11 Premier League Shakhtar Metalurg Djnetsk
11.05.11 Ukrainian Cup Shakhtar Dnipro
14.05.11 Premier League Vorskla Shakhtar
21.05.11 Premier League Shakhtar Dnipro

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