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Donbass Arena - stadium in Donetsk

Donbass Arena, Donetsk: photo of the stadium May 21, 2011

Donbass Arena - a stadium built in Donetsk in 2009. According to UEFA standards Donbass Arena - a football stadium Elite category. Construction of the stadium began in 2006, as it was planned even before Ukraine has received the right to host the European football championship Euro 2012.

In 2012, the scheduled matches of Euro 2012 soccer stadium in Donetsk Donbass Arena.

Today Donbass Arena is one of the biggest stadiums in Europe and the world, its capacity is 51,504 seats 1159 fans and the press. The size of a football field 105 x 68 m field of automatic sprinklers irrigate 26. The height of the stadium from the field level to the highest point - 54 meters

The first match at the new stadium FC Shakhtar (Donetsk), held September 27, 2009. It was a match of the Premier League, "Shakhtar" - "Obolon" with a score of 4-0.

Donbass Arena Stadium is located in the center of Donetsk, and at the park area covers an area of ​​25 hectares including 13 hectares - is greenery and lawns.

The stadium park zone is decorated with rock garden, six-level cascade of fountains and an artificial lake. Cascade fountains lights at night, its area 20 by 60 m.

A huge ball-fountain - a symbol of Donetsk football is in the park at the southern entrance to the stadium Donbass Arena. Soccer ball made ​​of granite and rotates under the action of water. Diameter granite ball 2.7 meters, weighs 28 tons, the weight of support under the ball 12.5 tons. The total weight of the ball with stand 40.5 tons.

In order to strengthen the symbolic significance of the huge granite ball on its surface are shown slagheap and football player who scores a goal. Symbol of Donetsk football rotates under the action of the two jets of water.

Donbass Arena is located in the Park of Culture and Rest of the Lenin Komsomol. South Entrance Donbass Arena stadium overlooking the Avenue of Mira, the western to the street Chelyuskintsev.

Address of Donbass Arena stadium: Str. Chelyuskintsev, 189e, Donetsk, 83048, Ukraine

Tel.: +38 062 388 88 83

How to get: trams 1, 2, 6 routes to the station "Prospekt Mira", 8 trolleybus route, buses 73, 46B, 8, suburban bus 107B, 106, 105.

Look the location of the stadium Donbass Arena in Donetsk on the map


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