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International airport Donetsk

Donetsk International Airport - one of the largest airport terminal in eastern Ukraine, which serves scheduled and charter flights of the Ukrainian and foreign companies. Departures from the airport in Donetsk carried out in the city of Ukraine and abroad: Russia, Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Austria, Germany, Poland, Czech Republic, Greece, Israel, UAE, Turkey, Egypt and other countries.

Donetsk International Airport (code ICAO - UKCC, Code IATA - DOK) is classified as international airports of class "A". The capacity of the Donetsk airport is 700 passengers / hour. The cargo terminal intended for store 30 tons of cargo.

Airfield Airport Donetsk belongs to class "B". The length of runway: 2500 m Airport is capable of receiving aircraft types: TU-134 TU-154, Yak-42, IL-76.

Regular flights from Donetsk Airport operates airline:
 International Airport Donetsk

  •  Donbassaero
  •  Ukraine International Airlines
  •  Aerosvit
  •  Lufthansa
  •  Austrian Airlines
  •  Transsaero
  •  Armavia
  •  Turkish Airlines
  •  Utair

The international airport Donetsk, phone for information:

Call Center the airport:

  • (+38 062) 341-04-82
  • 0-900-31-657-1 for calls from fixed telephone
  • 657 calls from GSM mobile phone operators in Ukraine (the cost of one minute - 8.00 UAH. With VAT without PF).

Other help service phones:

  • (+38 062) 332-00-63; 344-77-84; 344-74-94 - VIP-terminal
  • (38 062) 344-73-52 - customs
  • (38 062) 344-74-59 - Passport Control
  • (38 062) 344-72-18 - sanitary quarantine control
  • (38 062) 344-74-91 - veterinary control
  • (38 062) 344-72-06 - plant quarantine
  • (38 062) 344-76-66 - environmental control
  • (38 062) 344-73-88 - luggage
  • (38 062) 312-08-70, 344-77-23 - Lost and
  • (38 062) 312-06-13 - cash payment of excess baggage
  • (38 062) 312-07-04 - police department
  • (38 062) 344-72-03 - medical center
  • (38 062) 344-72-00, 344-72-55 - Reception General Director of airport
  • (38 062) 344-76-02, 210-21-50 - hotel "Flight".

Address and Directions:

The international airport Donetsk is located 8 km from the city of Donetsk at 83021, Donetsk, Ukraine, ul. Zlitna 1, airport.

How to get to the airport:

  •     by route bus number 5 from the railway station in Donetsk,
  •     by bus and route taxi number 83 from the bus station No 4 - West (Motel).

The routes of buses pass through the former long-distance bus station "Putilovskij" and shopping center "Metro-2".

See Departure from the airport in Donetsk - winter flight schedule

Winter flight schedule - arrival in airport Donetsk

Look the location of the airport on the online map of Donetsk

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When you are visiting or live

When you are visiting or live in eastern Ukraine and its neighboring areas,Donetsk International Airport should be your choice for traveling. It is one of the oldest and trusted airport of east Ukraine. It holds the credit of serving up to 700 passengers/hour and it covers most of the world's important destinations such as Russia, Austria, Germany, Israel, UAE, Turkey, Egypt and other countries. ~Aansy stone newark airport car service

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