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Donetsk Regional State Administration: address, phones, work with citizens


Donetsk Regional State Administration is in the Voroshilov district, one of the most beautiful and convenient locations in the city of Donetsk, on Pushkin Boulevard in the Voroshilov district. In the picture the white building of State Administration of Donetsk Regional .

Donetsk Regional State Administration

Address: 83105, Donetsk, Pushkin Boulevard, 34,


Donetsk Regional State Administration

  • +38062 334-35-65,
  • +38062 304-01-83,
  • +38062 334-35-75,
  • +38062 334-35-65,
  • +38062 304-01-83,
  • +38062 334-35-75,
  • the inner: 43-17
  • fax: +38062 335-13-66


Department of work with citizens of Donetsk Regional State Administration


Specialists of the department engage with citizens at the address: 83105 Donetsk, Pushkin Boulevard, 34, entrance number 2, Room 103 (entrance is free except for the days when the chairman of the regional administration receives citizens)


  • Tel: 38062 334-31-95;
  • fax: 334-21-31 38062
  • inner: 41-84


  • from Monday to Friday 9:00 - 17:00
  • Break 13:00 - 14:00

Site of Donetsk Regional State Administration - online form for complaints of citizens to press нажать

e-mail: (e-mail for personal applying of citizens in Donetsk Regional State Administration)


The structure of the department work with citizens in the Donetsk Oblast State Administration

Chief of department

phone: 38062 304-12-65, ext. Tel. 42-50

Deputy Division Chief

phone: 38062 307-36-17, vnutrn. tel.: 45-66

Head of the Sector  Information and Analysis

phone: 38062 307-60-59

Head of the Sector control and organization of reception of citizens

phone: 38062 307-60-61

Other phones specialists of department on work with citizens of Donetsk Regional State Administration:

  • +38062 307-39-35
  • +38062 307-26-29
  • +38062 307-60-59

Donetsk regional state administration on the city map


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