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Donetsk Regional Museum

Donetsk, regional museum

The exposition of the Donetsk regional museum shows to inhabitants and visitors of city a history of Donetsk edge since ancient times and to our days.

The Donetsk regional museum has been based in 1924г. Funds of a regional museum in Donetsk have total more than 120 thousand units. Expositions of a museum are submitted for visitors in 24 halls.

Many exhibit s of the Donetsk regional museum have world value, for example:

  • A skeleton of the mammoth,
  • Horns of a noble deer,
  • A skull of the woolly rhinoceros (четвертичный the period),
  • A imprint of a fish in stratifications of the cretaceous period,
  • Imprints of mineral plants,
  • Samples of stone trees,
  • Elenovckij a meteorite (1951),
  • Andreevckij (1961) a meteorite,
  • A Scythian stone statue (V century up to н. э.),
  • An ancient greek marble statue (IV century up to н. э.),
  • Diabasic stone пест from a barrow at village Dmitrievki of Miner's area,
  • Exhibits from the Mariupol burial ground (an epoch of a neolith).

The unique archeologic collection totals about 8 thousand exhibits are subjects from the Mariupol burial ground, Amvrosievskoj parking, a barrow "the Two-humped Tomb" and others.


Monuments of the Second world war, Donetsk, regional museum

There are instruments of work and the weapon, ornaments and amulets, details of utensils of clothes and military regimentals, mysterious ritual subjects and children's toys.

In Regional museum of Donetsk are submitted a unique collection of numismatics: copper and silver coins XV-XVIII of centuries, samples of military attributes, rare старопечатные books, among which geographical and botanical atlases of XVII century, a collection of cult subjects XVIII-XIX of centuries, an icon, a shroud, prayer books, etc.

In a stationary exposition of the Regional Museum are shown monuments of material and spiritual culture of the Donetsk edge, opening a history of Donetsk edge since the ancient times up to now. Rare archeologic collections, instruments of work, an ethnographic material, unique historical documents, personal things, awards of known people which lived in city are exhibited at 24 halls of a museum or have visited Donetsk.

Annually as an exhibition from funds of the Donetsk regional museum and from other museums of Ukraine and foreign countries: private collections of artists, numismatists of pictorialists, exhibitions of the cultural centers of consulates and embassies of the different countries are exhibited at showrooms.

Address of the regional museum: 830048, Donetsk, street. Челюскинцев, 189а.
Phone of a museum: +380-623110757, on the map of Donetsk:

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