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About Donetsk

Interesting and useful information about the history of Donetsk, the industrial and cultural development of Donetsk, its current infrastructure of the city.

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The history of the city of Donetsk

The history of the city of Donetsk

In the XVII century on the territory of the future city of Donetsk Cossacks of Zaporizhia founded sloboodyes Oleksandrivka Alekseevka, Avdotyino, Grigorievka and hutor Ovechij. read more>>

Embankment of the river Kalmius 20 years ago, Donetsk video

The embankment of the river Kalmius Donetsk 20 years ago in the video - the first images of the film "The Mirror for a Hero. " Watch nostalgic trailer online. read more>>