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Donetsk regional academic puppet theater

Donetsk regional academic puppet theater  - one of the oldest theaters for children in Ukraine. In Donetsk, the puppet theater was founded on Dec. 1, 1933. Initially, the theater of dolls was small - only eight actors, who themselves have done and decorations, and dolls.

A very long time Puppet Theater had its own building. Actors performed in schools, the Palace of Culture, in factories and mines of Donetsk and Donetsk region, successfully toured in other regions, delighting young audiences.

Today the building of Donetsk puppet theater is located at the Kalinin district of the city near the Donetsk National Medical University named after M. Gorky.

Donetsk regional academic puppet theater

Repertory theater of dolls is always very popular with children in the city of Donetsk. Theatre performances have repeatedly been awarded diplomas of the prestigious international, Ukrainian and regional festivals. Donetsk Academic Regional Puppet Theater became laureate Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine named. Lesia Ukrainka.

Location: Donetsk, Illicha Ave, 18

Phones: 38-062-295-97-48, 38-062 -295-72-85

Directions to the puppet theatre in Donetsk: trolleybus 4, 7, 11, of route, buses 46, 28, 11-th route to stop the Medical University.

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